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Everything needs music. If your project is movies or television, radio or advertising, gaming or podcasts — whatever you’re working, on let A Zappa Dappa Dat help the dream that is your project sound amazing.

How it Works

Hello! We’re “A Zappa Dappa Dat!” The company with a funny name... until you find the rhythm. Once we found the rhythm, we could see the dream. And If you can see the dream you can make it happen.

What’s your rhythm? We want to know, so we can see your dream. We can help YOU make it happen!

Huge libraries of music

We have over 120 full music tracks available to choose from, and we're adding more new music for you every day!

Music custom-made for your project

Have something specific in mind? We can do custom work, too! Let us know exactly what you need — we can make it happen!

Music in stems, so you can customize

All of our music comes with individual stems that you can enable or disable per your needs.

Life is so much easier when you work with people who care. It’s all available for YOUR dream. "Because Everything Needs Music." Come on. We’ll show you.... Listen to some sample tracks for a taste of what we offer.

Music Custom-Fit for Your Project

Paul Hamilton in concert

Paul Hamilton in concert

A Zappa Dappa Dat is all about enhancement through music. Our goal is to magnify the your message and the experience of your project. We offer top-of-the-line service. Because when you have spent all the hours on your dream project, it’s great to work with people who care. Our desire is for everyone to not only see it but feel it in their soul. Too much? Maybe...maybe not...If you’re passionate about your dreams.

Our music is recorded, produced, mastered, and delivered on time and with passion. We record all our tracks at our own Epic Recording Studios and are published through Big White House Publishing, our one-stop publishing company. From inception to the proud moment when we hear our tracks used on your project, you can be certain that A Zappa Dappa Dat has made only the music that we both are passionate about. We’ll work hard to make sure you have exactly what you need for your project.

Our state-of-the-art studio

Our state-of-the-art studio

A Lifetime of Musical Expertise

Paul Hamilton with Johnny Cash

Paul Hamilton with Johnny Cash

Paul, Joyce, and William have a lifetime of musical experience each. They are performers and producers; they know the artistry of making and performing music as well as the business of it.

Learn more about A Zappa Dappa Dat and the Dappa Dat team. Or, if you're ready to talk about your project and how A Zappa Dappa Dat can help out, get in touch!